24 September 2007

One Night in Brooklyn

The amazing Tara Petrenka came to NYC to shoot our Lookbook (more on that later). While is was mostly all work and no play, we did sneak in a visit to perennial fave for all visitors, Bushwick Country Club. There are some photostrips (I have temporarily misplaced them) but also the following photographic evidence:

Nike Psyched

If you haven't heard, Joshey is now the Nike Man. Kind of like the Candy Man, but with sneakers. This is my "enter the building mugshot".


08 September 2007

04 September 2007

Rachey Mania

I am not usually a fan of pics of myself. But I like this one for some reason. David took it from a weird sitting angle (although He is ssssooooo tall, I might be eye level to him when he sits and I stand). We had THE MOST terrific brunch at our friends apartment, and I am standing in front of their kitchen counter being useless and talking here. That floating half head is Devon.

I also love the dress I am wearing-Acne Jeans that I bought at OAK.


Some Old, Some New, Some Borrowed...

Glorious Labor day, one of my only paid days off during the year.
Cleaning, I found some old pictures. The top one is Uber-Vintage of Josh in Italy (specifically Rome) freshman year of college. I believe we had just rung in 2002 in Venice. I shot this while he was observing a festival.

The next two are of friends we heart who have left NY. Tamara (at law school) and Chad (in Ireland) were new friends to me when we had this movie night.

Friday Night we hit up the free Battles show at Southstreet Seaport. We had a pizza and beer and sushi picnic, and of course mustaches. Most of these people are new or relatively new to New York.

And then my last glorious beach day of this summer. Luck found us accidentally in the same place as Angelo :) The fountain picture is an homage to my first beach day and to Chad.

28 August 2007

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

SomePolaroids of our LA action from this weekend. We hit Malibu, The Getty, Los Feliz and Laguna. The extras are the always amazing Dylan, Grace, Tara and Ross. The artwork is the insane Tim Hawkinson.